Friday, March 16, 2012

We are going to need a REALLY big burn pile...

We started demolition on Tuesday evening when we got possession. The first night Mike and I worked for about 2 hours trying to bust out plaster, but also getting a feel for our home. Let me show you around!


The tenant burnt everything.:/ Not fun to clean up broken glass.

We will probably wait until spring to see how this landscaping looks, but it is overwhelming to me right now.

We plan on closing the front of this barn to make it a shop/garage.

Old corn crib - this is coming down, and since this picture part of it fell down during heavy winds.
My favorite - HORSE barn. Can't wait to have something to put in here :) There are currently 4 stalls. Mike would like to take 2 of them out which I am probably willing to agree to for more machine storage/hay storage when we get the bison.

Inside the barn doesn't look as pretty, but a little elbow grease...

Brandi -- I will save the door for you if you want it!

Old pool deck.

On the left we have a good start to the bon fire we will host once this project is ... done...
and the right we have more trash from the tenant!!!

We own to the top of that hill.

Now lets see our humble abode... the front door

Living room with a peek of the kitchen.


Spare that will become our bath/closet

Currently the only bath.

Spare bedroom

We are knocking out plaster/lath walls - fun fun!

Master bedroom


Old CocaCola wallpaper under 30+ layers of paint in the kitchen.
The awkward closet in our master. There are 2 windows that face the street...not staying this way.

I tore down the random porch in the middle of the grass!

Our living room is a mess!

Mike tearing out drywall. The master was an add on and actually had drywall, but we will have to redo alot of it.

More progress pictures coming soon!!!!

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  1. This project has so much potential! Congratulations on the purchase and the progress so far! Can't wait to see the house when you're ready to have guests!