Thursday, February 23, 2012

When in doubt...

Everyone has their moments of doubt. I remember when I first bought my house in Noblesville, the night after closing I had the biggest knot in my stomach. "Did I do the right thing?" Big risks always mean a little bit of worry. About a month after we got an accepted offer on our house in Noblesville, Mike and I were sitting around our fire pit (that was built in to the patio that my Dad put in for us..Rods Quality Concrete on FB). We were trying to burn all of the wood we had left because our time to be out was getting ever closer. We popped a nice bottle of wine and sat in our camp chairs staring at the unusually bright stars. One of us, we can't remember which, said something along the lines of "What are we doing, we sold our house and we are really going to start a bison farm???" We had a HUGE moment of doubt --- a HUGE moment of "WHAT THE HECK ARE WE THINKING."

At this point Mike is staring into the fire:
Talk about a SIGN.

God is in charge.

We looked at 50+ foreclosures and houses, farms, empty land from Shelbyville to Martinsville AND WE ENDED UP RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED OUR SEARCH.

If you think for one second that you are the boss, think again.

Until next time - AR

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Humble Abode

We have had a joyous 3 nights in our humble new home. It has not been as bad as I expected. The dogs are keeping quiet even though Mike is 2 inches from their bed and because it doesn't get light until later, Dad's crew is not bothering us in the morning.
I guess I should explain that we closed on the Noblesville house Friday 2/17/2012 and are not closing on the farm until Tuesday 2/21/2012 so in the mean time we have pulled our camper into my Dad's lot (he has a concrete company in Whiteland). We have water and electric hook up which is definitly making it easier on us. Last night we blew a fuse and didn't realized it until it was freezing in the camper. Mike fixed that - nice to have someone so handy around.
So far we are settling in to the southside nicely found a gym this morning, found out the community center offers some great classes and met a really nice lady at the bank. I think I will like it just fine down here!

For your enjoyment a picture of our humble abode:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's Start by Saying 'GOODBYE'

I bought a little house in a suburb of Indianapolis long before Michael proposed. He didn't like that it was in a suburb. He had no choice, IF I had no ring. It was close to my family and was in a good price range. I knew it wasn't my forever home, but it was home for now (or then). That was in December 2008 - fast forward 3.5 years and we have sold the home to pursue our DREAM... to start a BISON FARM!!! I know we are crazy. We are leaving quiet, most of the time, suburbia for quiet ALL OF THE TIME, country side. We are moving away from most of our family and going on a BIG adventure. I took some photos to show our current home. We are moving all of our stuff into storage tomorrow. We will actually move to a temporary set up on 2/17 and then we will (cross my fingers) close on the farm 2/24. We will have to stay in a temporary living situation for a while as the house is just a bit of a "fixer upper". That is to say the least.

So for now - Goodbye nice little suburban life, your hot showers will surely be missed!