Monday, June 4, 2012

I should write a book, no make that a blog!

My supervisor at work told me the other day that I should write a book about all of our mishaps. The latest being that our truck was backed into and took a pretty good beating. (Don't worry it was parked in our yard.) I responded simply by saying that "It isn't that bad, I just talk about my mishaps." He said well then maybe a blog, to which I simply emailed him a link. (Whoops! - for not doing this before now.)

Last night Mike and I did the first thing that actually made us feel like we are really going to farm... we put up around 100 bales of hay. I had better start at the begining, because we didn't think we were going to find someone to hay our field this year.

Two weeks ago Mike, Tom (Mike's Dad) and Tom's friend Charlie were in the basement talking. I came down and sat on the stairs. We had recently cleaned the basement taking out all the old junk and trying to organize. As I sat on the stairs I noticed a snake skin. I wasn't too shocked because when we came to look at the house we had found a skin. This one had to be new because as I said before - we had cleaned. Mike wanted to try to figure out where they were coming in so he started pulling out insulation along the top of the block. On the first try THERE THEY WERE!!! Not just one but TWO very dazed looking black snakes. Mike and I ran to the hardware store to try to find something to get them out with. When we came back there was an old tractor running in the drive. Dale, a local farmer, had stopped by to see if he could hay our field. We said yes, if you get these snakes out of the basement - which he did!

We split the hay and were able to put up some for next year when we have our BISON!

LOTS of hay! And more hopefully to come.

We have also gotten a TON done outside. Mike tilled me a little garden, and I got it planted. (Just before I was called to Oklahoma for 3 weeks - more on that later)  Alot of the concrete is now busted, alot of trees/bushes are out.

Our well has been dug!

And the tree behind the house, the one that was going to fall into our house at some point in our future, is now OUT!

I have been called to Oklahoma to assist with extremely bad hail damage. I am happy to help, but those of you who know me best know IGETHOMESICK. Maybe if I say it quick I won't cry.


It is even worse now that I feel like Mike and I have found THE place... OUR place in this world. I love our farm so so so very much and being away is harder than expected. I am a sissy.

While I have been gone Mike has worked hard to keep things moving along on the house.

Our neighbor, Jim, is helping us finish up the tile in the master bath... and the spare bath!

 Mike did this beautiful tile around my sink and we have butchers block as the rest of the counter top.

Mike has also been working on getting the house trimmed.

Kitchen window.

Living room window.

I will post again as I get pictures.

I feel like this part of our new book is starting to come to an end. (The house part.) I love it, it has been HARD work but it has been REWARDING work. AND we are one step closer to BISON!

Until next time...