Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 48

Hard to imagine, but we have officially owned the place for 48 days today! Here are some photos to update you on our progress. This past weekend was spent putting on the house wrap and starting siding. We were also able to purchase our kitchen cabinets, toilets and bathroom vaities. Very exciting milestone for us.

The large stump in the photo below used be be aside the drive near the house. It actually burnt - we were a little afraid it would take forever, but it burnt in about a week.
As you can see below they have dug our footer for our porch!

This is where the huge stump was located before.
Good picture of the porch footer.

One of our best good friends, Jason Merchant. He has helped a TON!

Our power inside is pretty well done! Just waiting on drywall to finish them up.

 Our dog Opie. He mainly helps by keeping the birds away while we work.

 Metal and burn piles are never ending.

 Some of the items that we purchased over Easter weekend:

 This is a mock up of how our bathroom will be set up:
 While the guys (Mike, his dad Tom and Tom's BFF Charlie) wrapped the house, I followed along inside and foam sprayed all of the holes I could find. As you can see there were ALOT:

 These little boxes took a lot of time out of our day, but they ended up looking very nice - just can't wait to be able to use them. It is an outdoor power outlet!


  1. You guys have been busy, busy!! Looking good! :)

  2. That's awesome that you are able to do so much of the work yourselves and that you have amazing friends and family to help you as well. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more of the progress.