Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's Start by Saying 'GOODBYE'

I bought a little house in a suburb of Indianapolis long before Michael proposed. He didn't like that it was in a suburb. He had no choice, IF I had no ring. It was close to my family and was in a good price range. I knew it wasn't my forever home, but it was home for now (or then). That was in December 2008 - fast forward 3.5 years and we have sold the home to pursue our DREAM... to start a BISON FARM!!! I know we are crazy. We are leaving quiet, most of the time, suburbia for quiet ALL OF THE TIME, country side. We are moving away from most of our family and going on a BIG adventure. I took some photos to show our current home. We are moving all of our stuff into storage tomorrow. We will actually move to a temporary set up on 2/17 and then we will (cross my fingers) close on the farm 2/24. We will have to stay in a temporary living situation for a while as the house is just a bit of a "fixer upper". That is to say the least.

So for now - Goodbye nice little suburban life, your hot showers will surely be missed!


  1. Love it. Good luck. Can't wait to see picture of your new purchase.

  2. It will be a blast to start a new adventure! love you guys!