Saturday, February 18, 2012

Humble Abode

We have had a joyous 3 nights in our humble new home. It has not been as bad as I expected. The dogs are keeping quiet even though Mike is 2 inches from their bed and because it doesn't get light until later, Dad's crew is not bothering us in the morning.
I guess I should explain that we closed on the Noblesville house Friday 2/17/2012 and are not closing on the farm until Tuesday 2/21/2012 so in the mean time we have pulled our camper into my Dad's lot (he has a concrete company in Whiteland). We have water and electric hook up which is definitly making it easier on us. Last night we blew a fuse and didn't realized it until it was freezing in the camper. Mike fixed that - nice to have someone so handy around.
So far we are settling in to the southside nicely found a gym this morning, found out the community center offers some great classes and met a really nice lady at the bank. I think I will like it just fine down here!

For your enjoyment a picture of our humble abode:

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