Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Long Overdue

We have been working hard the last five months to get thing finished up with the house, cleaned up in the barns and ready for the next steps in, making out little dream a reality. At the end of September we were approached by the gentleman who we bought the farm from. He let us know there had been an offer made on the remaining 15 acres of the original farm. Needless to say we ended up purchasing that acrage. We are now the proud owners of just over 38 acres of land. This is good because it will be a long while before we will need to expand again. However, if you know Mike and I, you know that we do not like debt. Buying the additional land has slightly pushed back our fence purchase and therefore our bison herd. We are still working diligently to try to make it happen next year (2013) however we remain committed to startong our business in a way that doesn't put a strain on us for years to come. In the mean time we have acquired some beautiful Rhode Island Red hens that, in about a months time, will start to give us brown eggs! Here qre some recent pictures from around the farm:

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